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As those of you who are familiar with me will already know, I was beyond devastated last March when my father lost his short battle with Multiple Myeloma. He had been diagnosed with it 5 months earlier which was a huge shock to us all, and given an approximate 2 year life expectancy. He spent his final 5 months in hospital as they tried various treatments to fight it. Sadly it spread rapidly causing his ribs to break every time he coughed/sneezed etc. I’ll never forget the day I received the phone call to say we needed to get to the hospital quickly as he was fighting for his life. The shock was immense as we had all been convinced this was a battle he would win. Dad was a fighter and there were so many things he hadn’t done that he still wanted to. That was Sunday March 2nd. Seeing him in the hospital bed struggling to breathe was horrendous. On Monday they injected a syringe drive into his abdomen to make him comfortable and I was taken into a side room where a lovely doctor held my hand and explained that this was the end. Dad wasn’t going to get better so they were just going to keep him pain-free and sedated and he would eventually fall into the eternal sleep. The doctor and a nurse hugged me as I sobbed uncontrollably,and then I went back to Dad’s bedside. He had always said that when he was in most pain he visualised himself flying with the seagulls over oceans, feeling free and at peace. As I held his hand I whispered to him that he could now finally fly free. Tears streamed down my face as this was the last thing I really wanted. I wanted him to wake up and smile at me and tell me I was a dafty for getting upset. I wanted him to see his house, as we had spent weeks clearing it and getting it ready for him to have a hospital bed in his lounge as he couldn’t get upstairs any more. I wanted him to sit with my son Luke as Dad was an artist and Luke loves anything creative, so I had hopes of them painting together. But all of those hopes were gone now, and Dad fell asleep forever in the early hours of March 5th. Never a day goes by when I don’t miss him, and over a year later I still cry every day thinking about him.

I had never heard of Myeloma before Dad’s diagnosis. In fact when I was told that was what he had I thought it meant skin cancer, getting it confused with melanoma. It is actually a cancer of the blood plasma cells made in bone marrow. I wanted to do something to help to raise awareness/ money for the main UK charity for myeloma…  Myeloma UK. I’m not rich by any means so when I discovered there is an amazing site called Give as you Live I decided to register with them.

Give as you Live lets you raise money for your chosen charity simply by shopping online. It costs you nothing extra, money is donated by the retailers. Most of us nowadays do at least some shopping online. I think I can safely say most of mine is now done this way. So why not raise money at the same time? It seems a no-brainer to me. All you need to do is register your details on the Give as you Live website, choose your favourite charity to raise money for, and shop till you drop! You can download an app on your mobile devices, which you use to browse your favourite retailers. Just by buying from them through the app, a percentage of the money you spent is donated by the retailer. Likewise, on your PC you can install a shopping bar. Using this, if you type in a product into Google it will highlight which companies will donate when you purchase from them. It really is so simple and NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. You can buy anything from a pencil to a holiday and a percentage will be donated. So far, most of the companies I use to buy from donate money. Amazon. Ebay, Lakeland, Argos, Debenhams…the list goes on and on. You can even raise money with your favourite supermarket if you do your grocery shopping online.

Everyone has a particular charity especially close to their heart. Why not Give as you Live and help your chosen charity raise extra funds from today? Simple! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Online Shoppers… Give as you Live

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  2. Writing this with tears running over my cheeks. I know how much you love your dad and on this anniversary of his freedom to fly and be at peace, i know today will be hard. But, as you always do, you’ve found a way to give today meaning. I shall definitely sign up to Give as you live. Sending you all the love in my heart. X

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    • Awww Sammie thank you so much. Yes he wasn’t just my Dad. He was my best friend and there is a huge hole in my life without him. It feels good to be able to raise money to help others though. If I was rich I’d throw huge cheques at them. But I’m not, so every little extra bit from this is a help. Your chosen charity will be so grateful to you too xxx


  3. Oh my ! Texting this with tears rolling down my face , my heart aches for your loss , it’s 17 years this year that I lost my hero my dad 💟 miss him every day.
    I have signed up and have chosen your charity

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    • Oh bless you lovely it doesn’t get any easier does it? Time might be a great healer for many of life’s problems but I don’t think it is for loss. You just learn to adapt. Sending enormous hugs to you ❤
      It’s made my day to read you’ve signed up too. You didn’t need to choose my charity though… I’m just happy to see any charity get a bit extra 🙂 Thank you so so much. Your comment means a lot to me xxx


    • Thank you. I was sobbing typing it but wanted people to realise why its so important to me, and maybe relate to it and make them think of their own special causes, so that they might decide to do this too. We all wish we could do more so to me this is a simple effective way of helping. Thank you for reading it. Means a lot xxx

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  4. Such a beautiful insight to such a personal tragedy , this pulled at my heartstrings as it was posted 4 months to the day that I lost my dad to cancer, and I was really struggling with it all today , but knowing that your not alone is a comfort thanks , nina x


    • Oh Nina I’m so so sorry for your loss too. You’ll never be alone lovely and I’m always here if you need a shoulder. And as long as our loved ones are still in our thoughts, they’re alive in our hearts 💖 Big hugs to you xxx


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