Cake Decorating – Piping Nozzles


At some point in your baking days, you will need to pipe on to your creations. It might be whipped cream, buttercream, royal icing, or a whole host of other delights, but it is vital you have the right piping nozzle for the task in hand. With so many different nozzles on the market it can be confusing to work out which nozzle is right for you. Fortunately eReplacementParts and Ghergich have put together this handy guide to show you what each nozzle is for, and have kindly given me permission to share it with you.


2014-08-31 10.55.49

2014-04-26 09.23.29

2014-03-14 21.12.22

2015-01-03 19.16.05

2014-06-15 00.27.32


2014-06-14 22.35.29

I have included above just a few examples of cakes I have made using different nozzles. It is great fun to experiment, and I hope the infographic guides help you to find the perfect nozzle for your needs. Happy piping! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cake Decorating – Piping Nozzles

  1. Thanks for a great post. I’ve got lots of nozzles I’ve not used, now I can see what the result will be. I love the cake with the ruffles and also didn’t realise how effective the basket weave nozzle was. Sammie x

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    • Thank you lovely 😊 I love the basket weave one. So easy to use but looks effective. Ruffle cakes are fun. I don’t often get asked for buttercream cakes but love it when I do xx


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