Degustabox Review…. The April Box

I love receiving Degustabox each month. The excitement of a box packed full of mystery food and drink goodies is just crazy! I am very lucky that my DPD delivery driver doesn’t tend to arrive with it until around 2.30pm, as my son Luke loves to be the one who opens it first, and we take it in turns reaching our hands inside to bring out an item. If it arrived earlier I would find it REALLY hard to not give into temptation and sneak a peek inside!

The April box had something for everyone. Luke was very happy with the treats he had from it! I used 2 of the products in baking too so that was a bonus.

Here is what was in this month’s box:

2016-05-02 18.22.03

  • CANDEREL SUGARLY… This is a new granulated sweetener that looks and tastes just like normal sugar, but it has zero calories! If I’m honest I didn’t really believe that it would taste like sugar. Sorry Canderel! By my past experiences with other sweeteners, they taste nothing like sugar, so the first thing I did was take a bit on a spoon and try it. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised to find this one does taste exactly like sugar. You can use it in all the same ways as you would use regular sugar… on cereal, in drinks, in baking, the list goes on. I used mine to make this fruit cake. If you read my fruit cake post, you will read how I learnt the hard way that you only need to use half the amount of Canderel Sugarly compared to normal sugar. A little goes a long way with this! I would definitely buy this in the future. RRP is £3.00

2016-05-02 18.21.32

  • PIMM’S CIDER CUP… There are a few different flavours of this drink, and I received the Strawberry and Cucumber variety. My partner Del drank this but I did try a bit before he gulped the rest down. It was a very refreshing Summery drink with a nice light fruity taste. It actually tastes more like Pimm’s than cider, so perfect for long Summer nights (if they arrive!!!!!) RRP is £2.29

2016-05-02 18.17.43

  • LEVI ROOTS COAT’N’COOK SAUCE… This easy cooking sauce is available in 3 yummy Caribbean flavours. I received the Jerk variety but you can also have Ginger Beer or Smokey BBQ. It is ideal for people with limited time to prepare tasty meals, as literally all you do is pour it over meat, make sure it has covered it all evenly, and then cook! No waiting 2 hours while it marinates. This is an instant marinade. I tried it on chicken. It was too spicy for my son but my partner and I really enjoyed it. I will be looking out for the other 2 flavours as they sound delicious too! Perfect for BBQs. RRP is £1.00

2016-05-02 18.19.10

  • POPCHIPS… There are lots of varieties of Popchips to try already, but they have now added 2 limited edition flavours to their range. I received Sea Salt, Garlic and Rosemary, and the other limited edition flavour is Sea Salt, Caramelised Onion and Thyme. I have had Popchips before and absolutely love them. They are a gorgeous flavoursome crunchy snack with half the fat of normal crisps. I have to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this flavour. I feel bad saying that but I believe in giving honest opinions, and we can’t all like everything, can we? I do think I’d have liked the other flavour though, so this won’t put me off them. And I already know I love their regular flavours. RRP is £1.99

2016-05-02 18.20.58

  • REJUVENATION WATER… This was completely new to me. It is a flavoured spring water enriched with amino acids, which has been shown to help to build up your immune system and to build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety. It is also a brilliant drink to have before and after going out for a few alcoholic drinks. It is available in 3 flavours… Ginger and Lime, Spanish Orange, and Apple and Mint. I received the Apple and Mint and really enjoyed it. It is probably one of the most refreshing flavoured water drinks I have ever tried. I will definitely be looking out for the other flavours. RRP is £1.99

2016-05-02 18.18.47

  • VEETEE… I received 2 trays of microwaveable precooked rice. One was Basmati Rice and the other was a Wholegrain Brown Rice and Quinoa blend. There are lots more flavours available, too many to list here. They are very quick and easy to prepare. Just 2 minutes in the microwave and they are ready. I ate the Wholegrain one with some fish and it was delicious. I used the Basmati one to make this coconut rice pudding. These are perfect for people with little time to cook, and a great way to cut down on washing up starchy pans! The Wholegrain Rice is £1.49 and the Basmati is £1.29

2016-05-02 18.19.43

  • NESTLE… Luke was very very happy as I received a sharing block of Smarties chocolate and 4 little bars of new Milkybar Milk and Crunchy. The Smarties one had little mini Smarties in the chocolate which was delicious. I was pleased to see Nestle have included the size of one serving on the pack, saying it is 3 pieces. Without that I think Luke would have ate the lot in one!!! The Milkybars were lovely and creamy with an added crunch. The individual bars are just the right size and perfect to take on trips out. I will be buying both of these again. The Smarties block is £1.29 and the Milkybars are £1.00

2016-05-02 18.23.57

  • BEBETO… These Mini Fruit Strings are wonderful! They have been awarded Product of the Year for their innovative use of fruit juice and for reducing processed sugars. They contain 85% fruit juice and are a source of vitamins A,C and E. They are also suitable for vegetarians. There are 7 packets in the bag, each with a day of the week printed on so children can have fun finding which pack they need each day. There are 4 flavours included… apple, raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry. We all thought they were delicious. The strawberry ones taste just like the strawberry laces sweets you can buy, but these are obviously a lot healthier. I will definitely be buying these in future. RRP is £1.99

2016-05-02 18.23.23

  • PARLE… I received 2 products from this brand, Parle Rusk and Parle-G biscuits. The Parle-G biscuits reminded me very much of malted milk biscuits, and I really enjoyed them. They are filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, and they taste scrummy! I had no idea what to expect with the Parle Rusk. The packet said they were toast flavoured with cardamom, so I was looking forward to trying them. They suggest dipping them into a hot drink to eat them. I tried them as they were, and then dipped in coffee. I’ll be honest, at first bite I wasn’t sure if I liked them, but the more I ate, the yummier they became. They are incredibly hard and crunchy to bite, so if you have any loose teeth I would definitely advise dunking them in a cuppa first to soften them! They are really good value too. The biscuits are just 25p and the rusks are 89p. Bargains!

2016-05-02 18.18.13

  • GREEN LADY… This is a sparkling green tea infused with carob fruit, nutmeg and rose oil. I loved this! It tasted like rice pudding with a slight aftertaste of rose. And we all know how much I love rose! What’s not to like!? It was extremely light and refreshing and I will definitely be looking for some of this for the Summer. The RRP is £1.99

So that was April’s Degustabox. There really was something for everyone in there. If you would like to try a Degustabox for yourself, the normal cost is £12.99 per month including DPD delivery, which is amazing value especially as each box is worth approximately double that price.

However if you enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout you will receive your first box for just £6.99!!!! To go to the Degustabox website just click HERE 🙂 I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s in the next box!


DISCLAIMER: I received Degustabox at no cost in exchange for an honest review. The fact it was free does not in any way affect my review. I believe in honesty at all times, so all views and opinions expressed are truthful and unbiased.



2 thoughts on “Degustabox Review…. The April Box

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I’ll never say I like something if I don’t. This blog is all about honesty, whether I received the item for free or not. I do love Degustabox though 🙂 xxx


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