May Degustabox Review… Foodie Heaven!

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As you know by now, I am a huge fan of Degustabox and the May box was probably my favourite one yet. Just in case you aren’t aware of them, they are a food subscription box service which sends a wonderful variety of surprise foodie products each month for the amazing price of £12.99, which INCLUDES delivery via DPD!! The products are worth around double that price, so it is a fantastic bargain and gives you the chance to try food and drink items you might not otherwise buy, or ones that are new on the market. It is a lovely experience to receive a box and you have no idea what is inside, apart from guaranteed yumminess. I have to wait until my son comes home from school before I can open mine, as he loves us both taking it in turns to reach into the box and pull out a surprise item. Luckily for me, DPD tends to deliver to my address close to school run time so I don’t have to wait too long.

“Enough waffling, get on with what was in the May box” I hear you cry. Happy to oblige. It was a truly mouthwatering box containing:

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  • JACK DANIELS TENNESSEE HONEY BARBECUE GLAZE – This was absolutely delicious. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and a silky smooth taste. It would be perfect for ribs or chicken wings, and included with the box was a recipe using it to make shredded brisket burgers which looked amazing. I used it with pulled/shredded chicken though and it was soooo good! It is also perfect to use as a dip. The RRP is £1.99


  • GAROFALO – Fusilli Bucati Corti. I love pasta, and for some reason my son says fusilli tastes better than any other variety, so we were pleased to see this pack. I loved the corkscrew shape of this pasta, which is shaped using a bronze die. It is made from high quality durum wheat, and I have to admit the taste and texture of this is far superior to other fusilli I have tried. I will definitely be looking out for this brand in shops from now on! I have used it with bolognese and in a tuna paste salad and both times it has been so delicious. The RRP is £1.99

2016-06-20 12.01.41

  • CRANES – This is a cider like no other! It is brewed from crushed cranberries rather than apples and has extra fruit juice added for even more flavour. It has a 4% alcohol volume and comes in 3 flavours. I received Original Cranberry, and Strawberry and Kiwi but you can also buy Raspberry and Pomegranate. It is 100% natural, low in added sugar, high in juice, and low in calories at only 99 calories per bottle! It is very fruity and very refreshing. A perfect drink for Summer. The RRP is £1.90 per bottle.

2016-06-20 12.01.09

  • KALLO – I was extremely lucky as there were 2 packs from this brand and they were both delicious. In fact, I think I might even be able to say these were my favourite products in this month’s box. The Belgian Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes were just amazing! They are suitable for vegetarians, coeliac friendly and low calorie, with only 78 calories per cake. We ate them straight out of the packet as guilt-free snacks but Degustabox also recommend trying them as a dessert with whipped cream and raspberries on, drizzled with honey. I know… my mouth is watering at the thought too!! The Yoghurt Topped Rice Cakes were equally delicious and only have 84 calories per cake. They are made from wholegrain brown rice and are scrummilicious! The chocolate ones have a RRP of £1.29 and the yoghurt are £1.69.


  • BRIOCHE PASQUIER – I love this brand already so was pleased to see a pack of Croissants in the box. These all butter croissants are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. There are 8 in the pack and they are wrapped in packs of 2 so the rest stay fresher for longer. I decided to use these in THIS RECIPE and after trying one of these French toast style croissants, my son insisted that we have these for pudding every night! Luckily he’s now changed that to a couple of times a week, as I was on the verge in taking out shares in Brioche Pasquier with the amount I’ve since been buying!! He has realised they are also yummy straight from the pack so loves them as a snack. They have a RRP of £1.80, but they were cheaper than that in Tesco when I’ve been buying them.


  • GET FRUITY – This is an award winning fruit and oat bar available in 6 flavours. I received Scrumptious Strawberry but you can also buy Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger, Moist Mixed Berry, Tangy Pineapple, Coconut and Lime, Radiant Raspberry, and Marvellous Mango bars. They use gluten-free oats and Virgin coconut oil which is good as it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. They are 100% natural and have no added refined sugars. I have to say the Strawberry one was gorgeous. Very fruity and satisfying. I ate it as a mid morning snack on the go and I felt full for ages after! I will look out for the others in this range. RRP is £1.


  • BELOVED – Date Nectar. This is a natural alternative to honey or sugar and is perfect for pouring over pancakes or waffles, sweetening hot drinks, or using in baking. It is gluten, wheat and dairy free and is made from 100% pure date nectar, making it also perfect for vegans. There isn’t a single other ingredient! It is a rich source of minerals and manganese which supports the body’s energy metabolism. I have used mine drizzled on porridge and it is so lovely. The RRP is £3.50.

2016-06-20 12.02.57

  • THE WONDERFUL COMPANY – I received a pack of Almonds and a pack of Pistachios. These nuts are sun-ripened in Californian orchards. Both of these packs were eaten as snacks and were really high quality nuts. You could also use them in cooking or baking, but they didn’t last long enough in my house for that. Oops! They have a RRP of 90p per pack.


  • POMEGREAT – I was a bit nervous about trying this pomegranate juice drink as sometimes they can be a bit sharp, but this was beautiful. This juice comes from Californian orchard pomegranates and the flavour is enhanced with aronia juice from concentrate. This makes the juice extra refreshing and sweet. We all really enjoyed this and drank it chilled from the fridge. The RRP is £1.49.


  • PECHKEKS MISFORTUNE COOKIES – These made us giggle! We’ve all heard of fortune cookies that promise us bright and rosy things. These are the opposite so brilliant for people with a sense of humour! These are the most pessimistic fortunes possible, which is reflected in the black colour of the cookies. Your mouth will turn black from eating them but thats all part of the gloomy fun. One of my misfortunes read “You were out when Lady Luck knocked on your door”. Well luckily I was in when DPD did with this box so who cares!? These would make funny table gifts and have a RRP of £1 each.


  • MRS CRIMBLE’S – I received a pack of Gluten Free Classic Madeleines. These were absolutely delicious. Moist and well risen, with plenty of flavour. We all really enjoyed these. I admit to dipping mine in chocolate spread on one occasion but the other times I ate them straight from the packet. I don’t need to eat a gluten-free diet but I would buy these again as they tasted so good. These are currently £2.10 in Tesco so great value.

As you can see this was a very tasty box! If you would like to try one for yourself, head to the Degustabox site HERE and if you enter the code BLDEG15 at the checkout you can have your first box for just £6.99 including delivery! What are you waiting for? Go! 🙂


DISCLAIMER: I received this box for free in return for an honest review, which I have given. All opinions expressed are my own and all information is true and unbiased. 


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