Bakedin Baking Club…. Featuring Exclusive Recipes from Michel Roux!

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August traditionally sees the start of a new series of The Great British Bake Off, and people up and down the country go baking bonkers! Everyone gets inspired to try their hand at new things, and everyone wants to be able to bake like the experts we all look up to.

One such expert we aspire to follow is the wonderful Michel Roux, known and loved worldwide as a top pastry chef and the godfather of modern cuisine.

Bakedin Baking Club is a monthly baking subscription box which sends you all the dry ingredients you need to recreate a beautiful recipe which has been exclusively developed for them by Michel Roux. Everything arrives neatly packed in a box that fits through your letterbox, and each ingredient is weighed out exactly for you and clearly labelled so there is no chance of getting it wrong. As well as the dry ingredients, you receive a very detailed recipe card which contains photographs of each stage, serving guide, and a list of any extra ingredients you will need (which only amounts to a couple of things usually), and you also receive extra bits and pieces like baking paper and skewers to check your cake is ready. They think of everything for you! August’s recipe was white chocolate and cranberry squares, so this picture shows what was included:


It came with the detailed recipe card, caster sugar, flour, baking powder, white chocolate, cranberries, icing sugar, pistachios, a butter measure, baking paper, and a cake test skewer. Each recipe card also features a top tip from Michel Roux to go with his recipe, often a little extra way of enhancing the recipe even more. I love the fact you have the exact amount of ingredients that you need. No need to worry about how to use up the rest of a bag of an ingredient you don’t tend to use much!

I bake a lot at home but so far, each kit I have had has been for something I’ve never made before, which has been fantastic. The first one was THESE WHOOPIE PIES, and the next one was a scrumptious malt chocolate cake (picture at the end of this post). I can honestly say though that I will be making all of these recipes again as they were so delicious. August’s recipe was the lightest fluffiest cake with the most beautiful flavour. It was a massive hit in my house and disappeared very quickly! These kits aren’t the same as using a packet mix, where you just add water or egg to one powder mix. These kits are still baking from scratch, the only difference being that most of the ingredients have been weighed for you, like having your very own kitchen assistant. You still have the huge sense of achievement when you complete the bake, and anybody can do it and get fantastic results!

The fact that everything is labelled so clearly and the recipe has photographs of each stage makes these kits ideal to do with children. My 9 year old son looks forward to this box arriving just as much as I do! We love the surprise factor too, not knowing what yummy bake is lined up for us until we open the box.

So, who is this subscription box suitable for? I would recommend it to everyone! Parents wanting to spend quality time baking with their children, baking novices looking to learn some new skills and recipes, skilled bakers looking to further their recipe repertoire, and you can even buy a subscription as a gift for someone else. I love baking and have already learnt a lot from these kits. The way they tell you to melt chocolate in these recipes is brilliant! I’m not going to give that tip away on here, but it really does save a lot of mess and washing up and makes the potential of ruining the chocolate impossible, unlike other methods people use.

The Bakedin Baking Club costs just £7.99 a month, including delivery. That is an amazing price considering how much you get, including Michel Roux’s expertise!

If you would like to try it for yourself click  HERE  and you will receive your first box for the unbelievable price of just £1.99!!!! A huge £6 discount! That really is an offer too good to turn down. If you decide it’s not for you after trying it (highly unlikely though) you can cancel at any time, so you have nothing to lose. Happy baking! 🙂

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DISCLAIMER: I pay full price for my subscription and have not been asked to write a review. I truly love this Baking Club though and I believe in sharing information about companies/products/services I enjoy. Sharing is caring after all! All opinions expressed are my own. The link provided is part of Bakedin’s Referral programme, which anyone can take part in when they join too.