Kidulting…. For When Being an Adult is Too, well, Grown Up; including a Competition!


It’s official! A new age is upon us… the age of the kidult! You know the established stages of growing up as baby, toddler, child, teenager, then adult. Well not any more. There’s a new stage in between the end of the teenage years and adulthood. The difference with this stage though is it can last indefinitely! This is the Kidult stage, the adult who still acts like a kid.

In the 1930s and 1940s you were considered a fully fledged adult by the age of 25, with many people having jobs, a house, being married and having children by then. People now though are leaving these things later and later. Tangerine Confectionery, makers of Sweet Champions sweets, conducted a survey of around 2,000 Brits over the age of 30, looking at what it means to be an adult. The results showed that 76% admitted struggling with “adulting” and still acted as they did in their teens and early 20s. More and more young people today are staying at home living with their parents instead of flying the nest. The survey revealed that most people today don’t consider themselves an adult until they are 33. I was 32 when I gave birth to my son. Thinking back, this is when I really considered myself to be an adult and started to act like one!

The Sweet Champions study also revealed a list of behaviours that are considered to be signs of being a kidult. I can only tick a few of these kidult behavioural signs. Read through these and see how many of them you still do…

  • You stay up all night playing computer games (too tired after adulting for that)
  • You watch whole box sets in a single weekend (I’m guilty of this one)
  • You’ve recently got a tattoo (not a chance in hell)
  • You’ve set up a Whatsapp group with your friends (guilty, although if I didn’t set it up but am part of it, does that count…?)
  • You used a Snapchat filter on your profile picture (I hate Snapchat so that’ll never happen)
  • You bought a must-have pair of trainers (I never wear trainers)
  • You listen to Radio 1 (what a racket!)
  • You voted for someone on X Factor (I can’t stand that drivel but I might have voted for someone on Strictly Come Dancing…)
  • You’ve been to a music festival recently (sadly not)
  • You regularly raid the sweetie cupboard for treats (erm…. who doesn’t??? In fact, confession time… the top drawer of my bedside cabinet is my sweetie drawer. Sshhhh don’t tell my Other Half. He’ll nick them)
  • You ride a scooter to work (nope)
  • You own a novelty phone case (mine is a lovely dusky pinky colour but plain)
  • You’ve queued for a new iPhone (I’m a Samsung girl)
  • You’ve recently downed a pint in one (Yep but I don’t think downing a pint of water is what they mean)
  • You wear skinny jeans (I would if I didn’t raid the sweetie cupboard so much!!!)
  • You use a selfie stick (I hate the selfie craze so this’ll never happen)
  • You wear band T-shirts (don’t own a single one)
  • You wear ripped jeans (no, I buy new ones if mine get ripped)
  • You’ve gone abroad on a stag or hen do (nope never, only ones in this country)
  • You’ve edited social media pics so you look younger (nope, I don’t see the point in lying about your appearance)
  • You got a pet rather than having a child (long story but nope)
  • You split up with your partner because you just want to have some fun (never for that reason)
  • You use nicknames for all your friends (No, I’m sure that’s what is on their birth certificates)
  • You let your parents do your chores (no parents :’-(  )
  • You need your parents’ help with DIY or gardening (as above)
  • You watch reality TV shows like TOWIE or Love Island (I hate them. I like ones like Come Dine With Me)


The research study also asked what people consider to be signs of being an adult. The results were brilliant. Half of the people asked said that getting a mortgage was a sign of adulting, 33% said knowing what day the bins go out, and 18% said owning kitchen utensils for the first time! (My 9 year old son knows what day the bins go out and he owns baking utensils but he’s not ready to leave home just yet!!!)

They were also asked what things they would never give up, no matter how old they were. High on the list was having an Advent calendar and hunting for Christmas presents. Also among the things people don’t ever want to stop were building sandcastles, playing air guitar, and having a kebab after a night out.

There were some things that people said they would never do, even when they were old. These included listening to Radio 4, watching Antiques Roadshow, and wearing Crocs shoes.

Just for fun, what is the one thing you will never give up doing? For me, it will be blowing bubbles. Not bubblegum bubbles… the ones you get in a tub. They fascinate me. So even when I’m a little old lady I’ll sit on the bench in my garden blowing bubbles and watching them till they float out of sight. Or more likely they’ll pop. But the floating bit sounded nicer. Leave a comment to tell me what you will always do.


As part of the Sweet Champions Done Adulting campaign, I received a wonderful kidult survival pack. It included a brilliant book about becoming a fully fledged adult. It is both informative and funny, and I wish it had been around when I was leaving kidulthood!


Also included were a Kidult Colouring Book, full of pictures of retro sweets…


Stickers to reward yourself when you have successfully done something “adult”…


And a huge tub of sweets to dip into when the kidult cravings get too much…

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The competition ends at 23:59 on February 6th. The winner will be randomly picked and notified on February 7th and must notify me of their address to receive the prize. The prize will be sent directly from Sweet Champions at Candyland within 28 days of the draw date. Good luck everyone!