October Degustabox …. The Taste of Autumn


I absolutely adore Degustabox. A monthly box of food and drink items and you have no idea what you are getting until the day it arrives…. what’s not to like? The October box had an Autumnal theme and it was one of my favourites to date! It featured some brands I was familiar with but also some I hadn’t seen or tried before. I get really excited about trying new products, and Degustabox has led me to some fantastic items I have gone on to buy regularly. So let’s see what was in this box…


  • ROBINSONS SQUASH’D… I received the Orange flavour of this super concentrated squash. We are already a huge fan of these in our house. They come in a range of flavours but so far this is our favourite one. They are sugarfree and only have 3 calories per 250ml serving so they are a healthier soft drink to give to your children. What I particularly love about them too is the fact that you can carry them around in your bag if you want to. If you have a water fountain at your place of work but you find water boring, keep one of these in your bag. A quick squeeze into your water and you have a lovely refreshing flavoured drink. Perfect for picnics too if everyone likes different flavoured drinks. Rather than make up several bottles of more than one flavour of squash which would really weigh you down, just take a bottle of water and a couple of these and you have a happy family. The RRP of these is £2.49, which is great value as you only need a tiny amount per drink.


  • IAM SOUPER… These soups are high in protein, which means you feel full for longer. They have no artificial nasties, and are low in fat so perfect for people on calorie-controlled diets. I received Pulled Pork and Jalapenos, and Supergreens flavours. They were so tasty! I had the Supergreens one and my partner took the Pulled Pork one to work for his lunch. He said it was delicious, as was the one I ate. Chunky and satisfying and full of flavour. I love the name of them too… what a fantastic affirmation “I am Super”. Well you are, and so is the soup. The RRP is £1.49.


  • MAGGI FUSIAN NOODLES… I received Aromatic Spiced Curry, and Fiery Sweet Chilli flavours, but you can also get Classic Chow Mein. These are super quick and easy to prepare and can be eaten on their own as they are packed with flavour, or you can add them to a stir fry. These are different to other instant noodle brands as these have a sachet of infused oil, seasoning and vegetables which you make up first by mixing with water, and then you add the noodles. That makes the flavour much more authentic. I have to say I was really impressed with these and will be looking out for these in the shops. The RRP is £1.39.


  • JIM JAMS… I can’t tell you how happy I was to see this in the box! My son let out a little excited squeal, as this is now a regular purchase in our house thanks to being introduced to it in a previous Degustabox. I received the Milk Chocolate Spread, but you can also get one with hazelnuts to make it taste more like another big brand of chocolate spread. The first time we ever tried this we were knocked out by how good it was. It has 83% less sugar than the other brand, and is gluten free and diabetic friendly. We did a blind taste test last time, as at the time I had the other brand in my cupboard so we could compare them. Jim Jams came out on top for flavour, creaminess, sweetness… in short I honestly think this is the best chocolate spread you can buy. As a parent it is great to know it won’t rot my son’s teeth and cause all manner of sugar-related health problems too. I buy this regularly with no guilt and the other brand hasn’t been seen in my house since first trying Jim Jams. Mix it with hot milk for a yummy hot chocolate, mix it in buttercream for the creamiest chocolate cake topping, spread it on toast, use it to sandwich 2 cakes together, dip breadsticks or strawberries in to it for a grown up Choc Dip, the possibilities are endless. The RRP is £2.59. It is available in Tesco and Holland and Barrett.


  • PASQUIER PITCH CHOCO BARRE… This is a French snack now recently available in the UK. We LOVED these! They are little brioche buns with a miniature bar of milk chocolate in the middle. Not melted chocolate, but an actual bar! The brioche was so soft and sweet and delicious, and the chocolate was wonderfully creamy tasting. Put them both together and you have an amazing treat! You get 4 in the pack and each is individually wrapped to keep them fresh. I could easily have eaten all 4 in one go they were so yummy, but I was good and shared them 🙂 I will definitely be looking out for these in the shops. The RRP is £1.40 per pack of 4.


  • HERSHEY’S COOKIES’N’CREME… This was a king sized bar of scrumptiousness! Creamy white chocolate with crushed up cookies mixed in. Imagine an Oreo biscuit but with the cream on the outside and the chocolate cookie bit in the middle…. that’s what this reminded me of. It was sweet and indulgent and impossible to resist. There’s not much else to say about it really except is was sooooooo good and I need to buy more! The RRP is £1.00.


  • YUSHOI SNAPEA RICE STICKS… This Japanese inspired snack is made from baked green peas and rice. I received the Lightly Salted flavour and absolutely loved them! They look like pea pods with a crispy rice coating, and that’s what they are! They have no artificial colours or flavours and are high in fibre and a good source of protein. Each pack contains 5 servings (unless you are a pig like me) and each serving only has 91 calories. I am not a fan of salt and sometimes find that even lightly salted foods contain too much, but these had the perfect amount. Just enough to taste without overpowering the delicious flavour of the pea and rice. I have since bought more of these from Tesco, I enjoyed them that much. The RRP is £1.99.


  • LEVI ROOTS SMOKEY BBQ COAT’N’COOK SAUCE… I love this type of sauce. Ideal for busy days when time is limited to prepare a meal from scratch. No need to marinade, it provides instant flavour. You just pour it over chicken, fish or ribs, and pop it in the oven. Easy! I used it on chicken and it was delicious. Many of this type of BBQ sauce are mild but this one had more of a kick from Scotch bonnet chillies. My son likes mild flavours so this was a bit too hot for him, but my partner and I loved it. It has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and the sauce is suitable for vegetarians and vegans (obviously not if used on meat though). The RRP is £1.00.


  • BELOVED DATE FRUIT HEARTS… These very nutritious snacks are made from raw dates and other natural ingredients. You get 5 heart shaped pieces per pack, and they count as 1 of your 5 a day for fruit and vegetables. They are gluten free, high in fibre and low in fat, and have no added sugar. They come in 4 delicious flavours: Simply Divine Date (100% dates), Rich Cocoa Date (98% date, 2% cocoa powder), Cocoa and Berry Date(97.5% dates, 2% cocoa powder, 0.5% freeze dried raspberry powder), and Zesty Orange Date (dates with a hint of natural orange flavouring). They were all lovely, but I am a huge fan of dates so these were perfect. They are suitable for vegans, and one pack of 5 hearts only contains 105 calories. Guilt free snacking at it’s best. The RRP is 75p per pack.


  • HEINZ… I received Minions dry pasta shapes, and smooth tomato pasta sauce. The pasta in particular caused much delight when my son found them in the box! Everyone loves the Minions so making pasta in their shapes was a stroke of genius. Although Luke liked inventing stories on his plate and moving the Minions around for a while acting out the stories! Eventually the Minions left the story for one reason or another so that was when he was able to eat them. He loved the shapes and he said the sauce tasted better than the sauce in tinned spaghetti. The pasta is made from half whole wheat and half durum wheat and is suitable for vegetarians. The sauce has no added salt or sugar, and no artificial colours or preservatives. Great fun for children to eat. The RRP of the sauce is £1.55 and the pasta is £1.19.

As you can see, this box had something for everyone! Familiar and unfamiliar products, sweet and savoury. Degustabox usually costs £12.99 which includes free delivery via DPD. That is already a bargain, as the products you receive are worth around double that. However, the wonderful people at Degustabox are so kind and generous they are giving you the opportunity to try your first box for just £5.99! That’s less than half the usual price!

To get this fantastic deal, click HERE to go to the website and enter the code IA7K4 at checkout. You can cancel at any time, although once you have experienced the excitement of having a mystery parcel of products, I am certain you won’t want it to stop!


DISCLAIMER: I received my box for free in exchange for an honest review. This doesn’t affect my opinions though and all views are my own genuine thoughts. I believe in honesty in all reviews and I would never say something was good if I didn’t believe that to be a true statement. 



September Degustabox …. A Whole Day of Healthiness


I’m sure regular readers of my blog will know all about Degustabox by now, but in case you don’t, here’s a quick rundown. Degustabox is a monthly surprise food and drink subscription box which costs just £12.99 per month including delivery via DPD couriers. The products you receive are worth much more than that so it is fantastic value for money. It is a brilliant way of discovering new products and brands and encouraging you to try new flavours and recipes using the products. As you have no idea what you will receive each month, the excitement when the box arrives is huge! I am always really impatient to open mine instantly, but my son loves us to take it in turns reaching in and picking out an item at a time, which means if it arrives while he’s at school, I have to use every scrap of willpower I have to leave it untouched!

The September Degustabox was yet again packed with delicious products for the whole family. There were items to cover every part of the day, from meals to snacks and drinks. Let me show you what it contained.


  • TEISSEIRE SIROP… I’m starting with my favourite product this month. This is a French cordial type of drink. I received the Sugar-Free Raspberry and Cranberry flavour but you can also get Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, and Grenadine varieties in the sugar-free range. You only need a tiny bit of the syrup to make a truly delicious drink. You can add it to still or sparkling water, or to cocktails. The fruity flavours are perfect, smooth and naturally sweet. I loved the aluminium packaging too. It gave it a really luxurious appearance, as did the silky thickness of the syrup. We all loved this drink and will be definitely buying this regularly now! The RRP is £2.99.


  • HARTLEY’S NO ADDED SUGAR JELLY POTS … There were 4 of these jelly pots in the box, much to my son’s delight! I had Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, and Tropical flavours. I am really conscious of the amount of sugar in so many products aimed at children, so these jellies are wonderful as they have no added sugar, and a lovely fruity taste. They are just the right size to fit in lunchboxes, and are perfect as an after school snack. The RRP of these is 50p per pot.


  • GET FRUITY … I received one of these bars in a previous box but in a different flavour. This time I had Marvellous Mango, but you can also get Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger Bar, Moist Mixed Berry Bar, Scrumptious Strawberry Bar, Tangy Pineapple, Coconut and Lime Bar, and Radiant Raspberry Bar. Each bar contains pieces of real fruit and juice so carries the flavour perfectly. The fruit and juices are combined with gluten free oats and Virgin coconut oil to make a delicious snack bar, ideal for lunchboxes or on the go. I had mine as a quick breakfast on a rushed morning! The oats make them satisfying and stop any hunger pangs. The RRP is £1.


  • CHIA BIA … I received a packet of whole chia seeds and a packet of milled (ground) seeds. Chia seeds are super healthy, packed with omega 3, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. They are perfect for adding to smoothies, yoghurt, porridge, salads, and in baking. Last month’s Degustabox contained Bircher muesli which introduced me to the joys of overnight oats. I’ve continued to make that for breakfast and have been adding some of the whole seeds to that. When the seeds absorb moisture they swell and go jelly-like but with a slight crunch (sounds revolting but it really isn’t I promise). I’ve loved that texture with the oats. If you prefer you can sprinkle them on just before serving so they stay super crunchy. The RRP of these is £1 per pack.


  • CIRIO BORLOTTI BEANS … I love the Cirio brand, but had only had their tomato based products before. I have to confess I had never eaten a Borlotti bean until receiving them in this Degustabox. I received 3 cans of them so plenty of chances to experiment. The beans are picked, shelled and steam-cooked in their cans to maintain a tender texture. They are a great source of fibre, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. In last month’s box I received some delicious Tobasco Barbecue sauce which I had used to make a barbeue chicken dish. I decided to make it again but to add some Borlotti beans, onion and pepper to the chicken in the sauce. My partner loved the beans so much he had a second helping! I used another can in a chilli con carne, but replaced the red kidney beans with Borlotti beans instead. That was delicious! I still have one can left but I will probably use them in another chilli as that was so good. The RRP of these beans is £1.89 for a pack of 3 cans.


  • METCALFE’S POPCORN THINS … I have had these before and love them! They are available in dark or milk chocolate varieties. I received the milk chocolate which pleased my son as that is his favourite. They are kind of like a rice cake, except they use corn instead of rice. They are covered in a thick layer of Italian chocolate, and as you can imagine they taste soooo good. There are 2 thins in a pack. Again, perfect for lunchboxes (if your child’s school allows chocolate in them) or as a tasty snack anytime. The RRP is £1.


  • EMILY FRUIT CRISPS … I received a packet of Crunchy Banana fruit crisps. When I opened the packet I thought they just looked like slices of dried banana so wasn’t overly excited to try them. When I did taste one though I realised they are much nicer than ordinary dried banana! These have the crunchiness of a crisp, rather than being just hard and dry, and they retain the banana flavour perfectly! Really full of sweet flavour. They have nothing added whatsoever, except a tiny bit of oil. The crunchy texture made them perfect to crumble up over yoghurt. The RRP is £1.75.


  • SAY YES TO NO … I received a pack of Sour Cream and Onion Bread Chips. I love this brand and what they stand for. Say Yes to No means no added nasties and artificial flavourings, no false promises, no photoshopped images, no advertising lies, but yes to delicious chips. What you see is what you get, and I love that! These bread chips were scrummy. They tasted natural and were bursting with flavour. Perfect to eat as they are or with a dip. Or crumble up over salad. The RRP is £1.49.


  • CAPE DRINKS … I received 2 cans of fruity sparkling drinks, Peach and Lychee, and Pineapple and Passion Fruit. These were amazing! So refreshing and light and fruity. They are made from Rooibos Tea, fruit juices, ginseng, natural botanical extracts, and added vitamins, and are packed with anti-oxidants. the peach and lychee was my favourite but both were beautiful. They contain only natural ingredients and have no refined sugar. Perfect for a healthy diet. The RRP is £1.59 per can.


  • MRS CRIMBLE’S GLUTEN FREE PASTA WITH SAUCE … I love Mrs Crimble’s products. They are a fantastic brand for gluten-intolerant diets. I received Fusilli with a Gourmet Mushroom and Cream sauce. Sadly though I hate mushrooms, so couldn’t try this. I gave it to a friend who said she had it for lunch one day and it was beautiful. She said the sauce was delicious and she has recommended it to a friend who has to have a gluten free diet. The RRP is £1.99.


If you would like to try a Degustabox for yourself, click HERE to go to their website and enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout. This will give you a whopping £7 off the price of your first box, so your first box will be just £5.99! Absolute bargain. I hope you enjoy it!


DISCLAIMER: I recieved my box in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own. 

August Degustabox….. It’s All About the Taste


I was very lucky with the August Degustabox. It arrived in the school holiday (obviously) which meant I could open it as soon as it arrived rather than having to wait until Luke gets home from school! Having a box of mystery food and drink goodies arrive and then not be able to open it for hours is soooooo difficult. The urge to see what is inside is just too much for my lack of willpower. I have to say, most of this month’s box was things I had never seen before so it was even more exciting to try them.

This box was packed full of strong flavours. Here’s what was in the August box…



  • DORSET CEREALS BIRCHER MUESLI… I am familiar with Dorset Cereals and I love their muesli and granola. I have to admit though I had never heard of Bircher muesli so I had to Google it to see what is different. It was originally created by a Swiss doctor as a way to get his patients to eat something more nutritious, containing fruit. He had jaundice as a child and was convinced that apples had cured him of it, so used fresh apples in the original Bircher muesli. What sets it apart from normal muesli is that Bircher muesli is soaked overnight in fruit juice. This makes it so much easier to eat if you are in a rush in the morning. Sometimes it can feel like you’re chewing normal muesli forever, but Bircher muesli is lovely and creamy so easier to digest. This one comes with raisins, raspberries, blackcurrants and apple in it, and soaking them overnight made them lovely and juicy. I mixed 50g of the muesli with 70ml of apple juice as advised on the box, covered it and left it overnight to soak. The next morning I added 50g of low-fat vanilla yoghurt, mixed it together and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have a lot of friends who are actively trying to lose weight and they all keep talking about the wonders of overnight oats. Now I can see why they all love this breakfast so much! It is creamy, full of flavour, and keeps you full for hours! And it is so handy being able to make it the night before. This is a breakfast I will definitely be continuing to have. The RRP of this box is £3.49.


  • GET MORE DRINKS…. I had never heard of this brand before but will definitely be looking out for this again! Get More are a range of spring water drinks made with natural flavours, and fortified with vitamins and minerals to give your body everything it needs to stay healthy. There are 6 to choose from…. Get More Minerals is a still cranberry and pomegranate drink which gives you extra potassium, magnesium and calcium; Get More Vitamin A is a sparkling blackcurrant and blueberry drink which gives you 50% of your RDA of vitamin A per bottle; Get More Vitamin B is a still apple and raspberry drink which gives you 100% of your RDA of vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12; Get More Vitamin C is a sparkling orange drink that gives you 200% of your RDA of vitamin C, perfect for boosting your immune system; Get More Vitamin D is a still mango and passionfruit drink giving you 200% of your RDA of vitamin D and 15% of your calcium RDA, ideal for the winter months when you don’t absorb so much vitamin D from the sun; and finally Get More Multivitamins which is a sparkling lemon and lime drink that gives you 100% of your RDA of all the B and C vitamins and 25% of zinc and magnesium. This is the one that I had. I absolutely loved it! It tasted like lemonade rather than spring water and was extremely refreshing and delicious. These drinks have no added sugar and are made using natural flavours. They also do a range for children called A Little More Drinks. These are Vitamin D (mango, with 100% RDA), Vitamin C (orange, with 100% RDA), and Multivitamins (apple, with 60% RDA). A definite regular future purchase for my household! The RRP is £1.45.


  • MAHOU CINCO ESTRELLAS…. My other half Del was very happy to see a bottle of lager in the box. This is a premium Spanish lager, first produced in 1891, and is now Spain’s number one beer brand. Del had enjoyed this lager before while on holiday so was keen to get it in the fridge quickly to chill it to perfect drinking temperature! I used to have a day job and an evening/weekend job, and my evening job was as a barmaid. I learnt what a perfect drink should look like (colour, depth of the head, how clear it should be etc) and this lager ticked all the boxes. Del said it was smooth with a perfect flavour, with an alcoholic volume of 5.5%.  The RRP is £1.20.


  • FENTIMANS SPARKLING LIME AND JASMINE… I love Fentimans Drinks but had never seen this flavour before, so was really excited to try it. I love the little bottles these drinks come in. Everything about them says quality. I have to say though I personally wasn’t a huge fan of this flavour to begin with. It was absolutely jam-packed with lime which was so bitter it made my eyes water. After it had gone down though the aftertaste was really refreshing. I drank some more and Del laughed at the faces I pulled as I drank it, as the bitterness really is sharp! I gave the rest of it to him to finish, and after an initial eye twitch he gulped it down and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the aftertaste but my tastebuds found the acidity too much as I drank it. I think most people would really enjoy it though and I know lots of people love sour/bitter products. The RRP is £1.20.


  • TABASCO SWEET AND STICKY BARBECUE SAUCE AND MARINADE… This little beauty was my personal favourite product this month. The bottle suggests trying it on chicken wings or pizza. I usually only use barbecue sauce for pulled pork or ribs, but this time I tried something slightly different but extremely simple. I put 4 chicken breasts in an ovenproof dish and poured the contents of the bottle over them. I mixed them to make sure they were completely coated, put the lid on the dish and then left them to marinate for an hour. I cooked them in the oven at 170C for 30 minutes, then removed the lid, basted with the sauce and cooked for a further 15 minutes. I served them with a salad and spicy potato wedges and poured the leftover sauce over them. Stupidly I forgot to take a photo, but this was absolutely delicious. There was one chicken breast left over which I was going to slice up cold for a wrap for lunch next day, but Del enjoyed the meal so much he ate that one too!! This sauce is just perfect. It is mild but does have a very slight kick to it, which was fab! It is lovely and sweet and so full of flavour. I will definitely be buying this again! In fact Del said he could eat that chicken every day! I’m looking forward to getting more to try it in different ways too though. The RRP is £1.99.


  • CLIPPER LIME AND GINGER GREEN TEA… I love everything about Clipper tea. The eye-catching packaging, the unbleached tea bags, the way they are foil-wrapped for freshness, the range of flavours, and the fact they are Fairtrade. I had never tried this flavour before though. I am conscious that I drink too much coffee so this was the perfect chance to try a new tea that would give me the energy boost I usually get from my caffeine fix. The instructions on the box said boil the water and let it pour over the tea bag while it is still boiling, then leave to brew for a few minutes. My kettle is one that lets you boil water at the perfect temperature for each type of hot drink, and the green tea setting is 80C, so that is what I did. I loved this tea! The flavours of lime and ginger were perfect, not too strong yet not too subtle, and I instantly felt refreshed and ready for the day. I will try more of the flavours that Clipper produce now too, as this was so good. The RRP is £1.59.


  • NUTRIPOT…. I received 2 different pots to try, Moroccan Couscous, and Aromatic Thai Noodles. I didn’t try the noodles one as it contained mushrooms and I hate those with a passion! So Del had the noodles and I had the couscous. We both said they were very tasty, with lovely strong flavours. Apparently the noodles had a bit of a kick to them but not too much. These are ideal for people with little time to prepare lunch. Just add boiling water, stir and enjoy. What sets these apart from other dried noodle types of pots is the fact these contain 50% of all of the 28 vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. They contain no artificial nasties, no added sugar and are low in saturated fat. The RRP is £2.49 per pot.


  • CAPSICANA CHILLI AND HONEY MEXICAN COOK SAUCE… I love Mexican food so was excited to see this sauce. Capsicana make a range of Latin American inspired flavoured sauces. You can also get Chilli and Garlic Mexican, Chilli and Lemon Peruvian, or Chilli and Coconut Brazilian. This chilli and honey one was gorgeous! I followed the recipe suggestion on the back of the packet, adding it to chopped onion, sliced green pepper and chicken strips, and then served it with tortillas and melted cheese. It has a slight kick to it but it is still mild. the flavours were just amazing. I will definitely buy this again too. It is perfect for people who don’t have hours to spare on cooking, as it only takes 20 minutes maximum, yet produces a really delicious satisfying meal. The RRP is £1.99.


  • RAKUSENS SNACKERS… I received two packets of these mini crackers, one was plain and one was gluten-free. They looked really cute, with lovely little shapes, and they tasted just as you would expect a cracker to taste. We ate them with a range of different toppings including cream cheese and houmous, and we all enjoyed them. The gluten-free ones tasted no different to the plain, which was great. Each cracker has just 7 calories in, so you don’t need to feel guilty having a snack of a few of these. The RRP of the plain ones is £1.29 and the gluten-free are £1.49.


  • GEETA’S…. I received 3 products from this brand, Tikka Curry Paste, Rogan Josh Curry Paste, and Premium Mango Chutney. Geeta’s is a well-known brand and I have tried these before. I always buy this mango chutney so I knew exactly what to expect with these. The curry pastes contain the perfect amount of spiciness and flavour, and are so easy to use, producing delicious curries very quickly. Del likes hot curries, so I just add a few extra spices for him. The mango chutney is lovely to use as a dip, and I use it when I make Coronation Chicken. The RRP of the pastes is £1 each, and the mango chutney is £1.39.


  • OLOVES… I received a pack of Chili and Oregano natural green pitted olives. Unfortunately I can’t really comment on these as I detest olives. I gave them to a friend who adores them though and she said these were amazing. She loves them as a snack and she said she will definitely be buying these in the future. She said the flavours were beautiful. The RRP is £1 per pack.


  • WILLY CHASE’S FIT CORN… The final item this month was this popcorn. I received the Salted Honey flavour which was absolutely scrumptious. You can also get Goats Cheese, Red Onion and Thyme, or Nearly Naked, or Chase Smoke Bloody Mary flavours. I’m glad I had the salted honey as it appeals to me most from this range. The blend of sweet and salty was perfect and the popcorn itself was beautifully light. They use honey from the bees in their own apple orchards and all other ingredients are locally sourced. I loved this and could easily have eaten the whole packet it one go, but luckily Luke helped me out by eating a huge amount too 🙂 The RRP is £2.19.

I really loved this month’s box. One of the biggest pleasures is trying new foods and drink, and Degustabox gives you lots of opportunities to do that. You can choose to not receive any alcohol if you prefer, and they will substitute it for another product. The normal price of this fantastic subscription box is £12.99 per month, and that price includes delivery via DPD. It really is incredible value for money, with the overall cost of the items you receive being worth around double the price you pay!

Just to show you how fantastic Degustabox is though, they are very kindly letting new subscribers try their first box for less than half price for just £5.99 including delivery! That’s a whopping saving of £7!

To get this wonderful offer, just go to their website HERE and enter the code BLDEG15 at the checkout, then sit back and wait for your first surprise box of yumminess to arrive. Enjoy!

July Degustabox …. Sweet and Savoury Summer Delights

2016-08-07 20.31.11

If you regularly read my blog you will by now know all about the wonder that is Degustabox. A monthly subscription box packed full of delicious food and drink items, many of which you will most likely never have seen or tried before. This month’s box was a mixture of familiar faces and completely new discoveries for me. Let me tell you all about what I had, and then I’ll give you a fantastic discount offer!

2016-08-07 20.29.08

  • My personal favourite item this month had to be BROOKSIDE CHOCOLATES… DARK CHOCOLATE WITH ACAI AND BLUEBERRY FLAVOURS. They were a new discovery for me but one I was soooo delighted to be introduced to. These were the most scrumptious treats, beautifully fruity centres covered in perfectly rich dark chocolate. They come in a resealable pack so you can keep them fresh. Slightly chewy, very moreishly addictive, I definitely need to find somewhere that sells these as my pack has long gone and I need my next fix! The RRP for these is £3.40. Well worth every penny.

2016-08-07 20.28.10

  • Another wonderful new discovery was CRACKER DRINKS…. PINEAPPLE, COCONUT AND LIME. The Cracker Drinks Co. prides itself on using all natural ingredients with no added sugar or anything artificial, “allowing the pure taste of the fruit to speak for itself”. This pineapple, coconut and lime drink was beautiful. When you first take a sip you get the sweet taste of pineapple but within seconds the creamy taste of coconut comes through along with the sharpness of lime, and the combination of all 3 together is just so refreshing. Perfect straight from the fridge on a hot day. A serving counts as 1 of your 5 a day, and has less than 90 calories! The RRP is £1.50. I’m looking forward to trying other flavours now!

2016-08-07 20.26.18

  • I had tried Apple and Mint REJUVENATION WATER in a previous box and enjoyed it, but this time I had a different flavour, Spanish Orange. I absolutely loved this! I drank it chilled on a recent hot day and it was so refreshing. There is something so different about this drink. There are plenty of flavoured spring water drinks out there, but Rejuvenation Water is unique. It is a natural spring water flavoured with natural fruit juices, but it is also enriched with amino acids which aids protein digestion, helps to build a natural resilience to stress, anxiety and depression, and fuels the immune system and central nervous system. It is also available in Ginger and Lime, and the RRP is £1.99. An ideal pick-me-up drink for a busy day!

2016-08-07 20.28.41

  • I received a jar of FELIX GHERKINS, sweet pickled and handpicked in Sweden. Gherkins are like Marmite… you either love them or hate them. Unfortunately just like Marmite, I hate them. Fortunately a good friend of mine loves them so I gave the jar to her. She ate one straight from the jar and said they were lovely and crunchy and she was going to enjoy the rest over the next few days and include them in a BBQ she was due to have. The RRP is £2.15. I have to say it was a big jar so brilliant value.

2016-08-07 20.26.02

  • I was pleased to see a bottle of SARSON’S BALSAMIC VINEGAR as I had run out of my previous bottle of another brand. I love balsamic vinegar and use it so often. It is great drizzled over a crispy green salad or gently drizzled on to olive oil to make a tasty dip for fresh crusty bread. My favourite way to use it though is to mix 1 part vinegar to 2 parts caster sugar, pour over chopped strawberries, mix well until all the strawberries are coated and serve with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

2016-08-08 11.52.24

This Sarson’s vinegar was the perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. The RRP is £1.99.

2016-08-07 20.25.30

  • Another new treat for me was ROWNTREE’S FRUIT PASTILLE INFUSIONS. Obviously I’ve eaten and enjoyed normal fruit pastilles before, but this was the first time I had seen these new flavours: orange and grapefruit, raspberry and pomegranate, and apple and elderflower. They were so delicious! All 3 flavours were equally beautiful. One serving is 7 pastilles. I would like to say we were good and stuck to that, but I can’t. Oops! One serving contains just 74 calories and no fat! They contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. We regularly have a 90 minute drive to Weston and we like to take a bag of sweets for the journey. These are perfect for that as we all loved each flavour. The RRP is £1.29.

2016-08-07 20.30.12

  • I have enjoyed BAHLSEN CHOCO LEIBNIZ biscuits before so was over the moon to receive 4 packs of 2 biscuits, perfect for taking out on picnics or days out. The milk chocolate is lusciously thick and creamy tasting, and the buttery biscuits are so yummy! The good thing about having these individual portion packets is that you aren’t tempted to keep having just one more, as there isn’t one more! Or is that just me who does that? Ahem. Moving on swiftly…. the RRP is 40p per packet of 2. Bargain!

2016-08-07 20.26.53

  • I was intrigued to try the ALO DRINK that I received. It is a drink made from real aloe vera, and because it is made from the pure plant, you get all the benefits that aloe vera delivers. It is gluten and fat free, and free from all artificial nasties. I received the mangosteen and mango flavour, but you can also get lots of other flavours. I found it a bit of a strange drink as it had chunks of aloe pulp in it which were rather jelly-like in consistency, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste to be honest, but my other half gulped it down. The RRP is £2.45.

2016-08-07 20.29.44

  • I received 2 packets of ITSU CRISPY SEAWEED THINS in sea salt flavour. I was a little bit dubious about trying these but I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste! They actually tasted really good! One whole pack only has 13 calories in, and they are jam packed full of zinc, iron, iodine, and vitamin B12, so super healthy. You can enjoy them on their own as a crispy snack, or sprinkle up over a salad, or do what I did with one pack…. sprinkle them into cream cheese, mix well, and enjoy slathered on a bagel with some fresh smoked salmon. Mmmmmm. The RRP is £1 per pack.

2016-08-07 20.24.41

  • Yet another tasty new discovery for me was this large sharing packet of SEABROOKS LATTICE CRISPS. I had the chorizo flavour but others are available. They were super crispy and full of flavour. They are gluten free and amazingly are suitable for vegetarians, as the flavour has been created using natural ingredients but not pork! Now that’s not something you see every day! I will definitely be looking out for other flavours in this range as they looked, felt and tasted such high quality. Delicious! The RRP is £1.99.

2016-08-07 20.24.14

  • I love muesli and am a huge fan of JORDANS as a brand already so was pleased to receive a bag of Swiss Style Muesli. It was full of scrumptious almonds, raisins, wheat flakes and oats, and was the perfect blend of crispy, crunchy and juicy. It is made with all natural ingredients, with no added salt or sugar. It is high in fibre and low in saturated fat so healthy as well as tasty. I love it with milk or yoghurt for breakfast, or sprinkled into a crumble mixture for added texture and taste on a heavenly raspberry crumble. The RRP is £2.79.

2016-08-07 20.27.53

  • I had never heard of BERRYWHITE ORGANIC DRINKS so was excited to try these 2 cans. I received Cranberry and Guava, and Lemon and Ginger. You can also get Pomegranate and Blueberry, and Peach and Goji Berry in the sparkling range, and all of these flavours are also available in still versions. I prefer sparkling so these suited me perfectly. They are award winning drinks made with all natural and organic ingredients, with no added sugar and 50% fruit juice in each drink. I drank these chilled on hot days and they were so refreshing. The flavours were delicate yet delicious. As well as being good for you to drink, they are also great for less fortunate people across the world, as Berrywhite donate 10% of all their profits to charity, which makes them even more appealing to me. The RRP is £1.19 per can.

2016-08-07 20.27.21


  • The final item I received was a can of QCUMBER. I have had this before, as I discovered them at a BBC Good Food Show last Summer. It is a lovely refreshing blend of sparkling spring water and natural cucumber. One 250ml can contains just 65 calories. If you don’t like cucumber you’ll hate this as the taste is fairly strong, but if like me you like cucumber, this is an extremely refreshing satisfying drink. I know a lot of people use it as a mixer for a gin based drink, but I have found it is beautiful mixed with a tiny amount of rosewater and served in an ice filled tall glass. I’m a big fan! The RRP per can is £1.45. You can also buy it in large bottles. (I have one in my fridge right now hehe).


So that was the July box.  As you can see it contained a whole range of tasty treats! Degustabox costs just £12.99 per month and that includes delivery via DPD (the best couriers in my opinion). The products you receive are in total worth around double that price so it is exceptional value for money, and gives you the chance to try new products you would probably not otherwise buy yourself.

The extremely kind people at Degustabox are so nice though that they want you to try your first box for less than half price! If you click HERE to go to their website, enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout and you will receive a £7 discount! That makes your first box just £5.99 including delivery! That has to be worth a try. Enjoy!


DISCLOSURE: I received this box for free for the purpose of giving an honest and unbiased review. This in no way impacts on my opinions. I see no point in saying something is great if I don’t feel it is. All views expressed are my own truthful opinions. 




June Degustabox … BBQ Time!

2016-07-13 13.13.48

June’s Degustabox was a corker! One of the things I particularly love about Degustabox is the way you get to try new food or drink items you might not ordinarily buy or even be aware of. This month’s box was no exception, and the items it introduced me to were just wonderful. The theme for this box was BBQ, so most of these products could be used in some way to enhance a BBQ.

Just in case you have no idea what Degustabox is (which is highly unlikely if you follow my blog), it is a fantastic food subscription box in which you get sent between 10 and 15 food and drink items, many of which will be new products on the market. You can’t choose what items you will receive so it’s a wonderful surprise each month. You can though choose whether you are happy to receive alcoholic items or prefer all non-alcoholic. It costs just £12.99 a month with delivery via DPD included in the price. The items you receive though are worth around double that price so it is excellent value for money. Degustabox have been incredibly generous this month and have given me a huge discount code to share with you. Keep reading to find out more about that!

Here’s what was in this BBQ box:

2016-07-13 13.10.25

  • The Product of the Month (according to Degustabox) was this BUTTERKIST YOGURT COATED POPCORN. I received a family sized sharing pack and an individual serving pack. We all love popcorn in this house so these were opened immediately. They taste so good. The popcorn is softer than usual popcorn and there were no unpopped kernels which was great. The yoghurt coating is delicious. This is a great snack for people on calorie-controlled diets as one serving only has 95 calories! I will definitely be buying these again. I love to include popcorn in desserts, and this would be amazing served as a cheesecake topping or even used in the base. Yum! The RRP for the sharing pack is £1.49. You can also buy a multipack of 6 individual serving packs for £1.69.

2016-07-13 13.09.59

  • My personal product of the month has to be SMOOZE! FRUIT ICE. Love, love, love these!!! They are freeze-at-home fruit ices made from coconut milk and fruit juice and puree. I think I can safely say these were my favourite item from any Degustabox I have ever received, and I’m so glad to have been introduced to them. I received the Coconut and Mango variety, which then led me to rush to Sainsbury’s to buy the Simply Coconut variety too. You can also buy Coconut and Pineapple, and Coconut and Pink Guava. All 3 of us absolutely adore these ices. There are only 67 calories in one fruit ice, and they are free from dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, preservatives, and artificial flavourings, sweeteners and colourings. Perfectly suited for vegans and anyone with food allergies. They are incredibly creamy tasting and refreshing to eat, and there are no words to describe how delicious they are, especially the Simply Coconut. I will have a constant supply of these in my house from now on. They are £2.50 for a box of 5.

2016-07-13 13.12.49

  • Continuing the coconut items, I had a can of AMOY COCONUT MILK. I love coconut milk. It is such a versatile product and can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. This particular one is sourced from plantations in Thailand and is made from fresh, ripe coconuts. I used mine to make THIS PANNA COTTA and it was absolutely scrumptious. The coconut milk tastes beautifully sweet and creamy with that delicious coconut taste. The RRP of this is £1.99.

2016-07-13 13.12.26

  • HAYWARDS MEDIUM AND TANGY SILVERSKIN ONIONS – I love pickled onions, particularly with a Ploughman’s lunch. They go perfectly with BBQ salads and cheese boards too, and I always have a jar in for Boxing Day tea! These ones were perfect. I’ve had some before that make your eyes water, they are so tangy. These have the perfect balance. They are tangy but still a bit sweet, and nice and crispy… just how I like them! The RRP for this jar is £1.89.

2016-07-13 13.09.16

  • No BBQ is complete without a nice juicy burger, so this SCHWARTZ GRILL MATES American Smokehouse Burger Mix is just perfect! You can also buy a Classic Steakhouse variety of this. I was hoping to try this with a BBQ but sadly, rubbish weather has meant the BBQ is still safely stored away. I did the next best thing and cooked burgers on my George Foreman grill instead. This mix is so easy to use. You just add it to mince, mix it together, shape it into burgers and grill! The flavour was amazing. The burgers were extra juicy. We went to Florida a few months ago and ate a lot of barbecue flavoured food. This mix actually reminded us of food we ate in one of the steakhouses there. Gorgeous! The RRP is £1.49, and the mix makes 4-6 burgers.

2016-07-13 13.12.02

  • A perfect addition to any burger or hot dog is BRANSTON SPICY TOMATO RELISH. This one has chilli and jalapeno in it for an extra kick. My partner loves all things spicy so he really loved this. We also used it as a dip for tortilla chips and Pringles crisps. It is spicy (obviously) but not overpowering and you do still have your tastebuds intact after eating it. You could also eat this as a condiment with a main meal. Another verstaile product! The RRP is £1.65.

2016-07-13 13.08.52

  • Yet another versatile product this month, SACLA CLASSIC BASIL PESTO POTS. I received a pack of 4 single-serve pots, perfect for adding to any number of dishes! I mixed some up with couscous and added chicken and vegetables for a yummy lunch, and I also added some to a tomato soup! Tomato and basil are fantastic together, and these pots are just the right size so you don’t end up throwing leftover bits away. They are made with fresh Italian basil, Grana Padano cheese, Pecorino Romano cheese, and pine nuts. Pesto is great with pasta too, or mixed with cream cheese to use as a dip. The RRP is £2.79 for a pack of 4 pots.

2016-07-13 13.08.12

  • DESTROOPER-OLIVIER BELGIAN BUTTERS WAFFLE CRISPS – I had never seen these before but will look out for them from now on. They are delicious thin crispy waffle-shaped biscuits, with an amazing buttery taste. They are great with tea and coffee, but we loved them most of all with ice cream! Make any flavour sundae you fancy, and add one of these to the top. We put some ice cream between 2 of these to make an ice cream sandwich too. Really really good. The RRP is £1.10.

2016-07-13 13.11.10

  • Anyone who knows me will be cringing for me at the sight of this next product – BAKEDIN CHOCOLATE MUG BROWNIE MIX. I hate packet mixes for baking with a passion and never touch them normally. However I thought I would have to try this as it came in the box. Well, I can now say I hate MOST packet mixes. This one was amazing! You simply melt a bit of butter in a mug, add the mix and some milk, then microwave for 60 seconds. The resulting brownie was everything a brownie should be! Gooey, rich, very chocolatey, just perfect! It tasted just like it had come out of the oven after being lovingly prepared and baked for ages! Degustabox also included an invitation to try the BakedIn baking subscription club at a discount price, which I did. You can find my review of that HERE. Love this! The RRP is £1.50.

2016-07-13 13.13.14

  • If you receive the non-alcoholic box, you would have received MIRACLE NOODLES in this box. These are soya free, gluten free, cholesterol free, and have only 5 calories! Guilt free noodles! They are perfect for vegans. These were thick noodles, ideal for lots of different dishes. The only thing I don’t like about them is the smell when you open the bag. The water they are in smells terrible to be honest, but when you drain that away and you rinse the noodles well under cold running water, the smell completely goes and the noodles taste amazing. I had similar noodles in a previous box and made THIS CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP using them. You could easily use these noodles instead. The RRP is £2.49.

2016-07-13 13.11.36

  • If you received the alcoholic box (that sounds bad but you know what I mean), you will have received this WYCHWOOD KING STAR CRAFTED LAGER. My partner loves a glass of cold lager after a hard day’s work so he drank this. He said it was one of the best lagers he has ever had! It was refreshing, with a lovely strong flavour. He is looking out for this again in the shops. The RRP is £1.70.

2016-07-13 13.07.25

  • The final product this month was ZEO CLOUDY LEMON. This is a low calorie drink, with only 28 calories per 250ml serving. It is made with 98% spring water, blended with lemon flesh and oils from the skin, and a touch of sugar for sweetness. It is perfect for a hot day, straight from the fridge. It has a lovely balance of bitterness from the lemons and sweetness from the sugar. It was too sour for my son but my partner and I loved it. Very refreshing! The RRP is £2.75.

As you can see, you really get a lot more than £12.99’s worth of products! As if that price wasn’t incredible enough though, Degustabox are now giving you the chance to try your first box for just £5.99, with delivery included! That’s a saving of £7!!!

If you want to try it for this unbelievable price of just £5.99, click HERE to go to the Degustabox site and enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout. I wonder what is in the next box? I hope you like it 🙂


Coconut and Ginger Panna Cotta with Orange Sauce

2016-07-13 13.05.04

I recently discovered how easy it is to make panna cotta (see THIS POST for a panna cotta topping recipe) and have to admit I’ve made it several times since. As well as being easy it is also a cheap dessert to make, yet super tasty and perfect for all occasions.

In the June Degustabox, one of the items I received was a can of Amoy Coconut Milk. I instantly had 2 ideas for yummy desserts to turn this in to…. coconut cheesecake, or coconut panna cotta. My new-found love of the latter won.

There is a bit of an art to making a perfect panna cotta, in that it contains gelatine. Too little and you’ll have a splodge of unset cream on your plate. Too much and you’ll end up with a rubbery blob you could bounce off the walls. (Not that I’ve tried that!!!) To make the vanilla one I used in the recipe I’ve linked to above, I followed Simon Rimmer’s recipe which can be found HERE. Every one I’ve made since has used the same basic recipe but changing the flavours. This coconut one is also based on that recipe. The amount of gelatine he uses gives a perfect result every time, as long as you keep the liquid ratios the same. It holds it’s shape perfectly yet when you break into it with your spoon, it is deliciously soft and creamy.

This coconut version tastes so good with or without the ginger, but I just wanted to add an extra depth to it. The orange sauce goes beautifully with it all. I made my sauce very thick but you can choose how thick you want it and adjust the simmering time accordingly. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!


3 leaves of gelatine

250 ml double cream

250 ml Amoy coconut milk

25 g caster sugar

1 level tsp ground ginger


250 ml fresh orange juice

50 g caster sugar

25 g unsalted butter

half level tbsp cornflour

  • Place the gelatine leaves in a small bowl and cover with cold water while preparing the next stage.
  • Place the cream, coconut milk, sugar and ginger into a pan. Mix together, then heat gently until just starting to simmer. Remove from the heat.
  • Squeeze the gelatine leaves to get rid of as much water as possible. Throw away the water.  Add the gelatine to the pan and stir until it has completely dissolved.
  • Pour the mixture equally into 4 ramekins, and leave to cool. When cool, place them into the fridge to set. The longer you leave them the better, but at least 3 hours is ideal. (Overnight is fine too).
  • To make the sauce, place the orange juice, sugar and butter in a small pan and bring to the boil. In a small cup, mix the cornflour with a litle bit of the hot orange mixture until it is smooth and lump-free. Remove the pan from the heat, pour the cornflour mix into the pan and stir well. Bring back to the boil and heat until it is the consistency you require. The longer you heat it, the thicker it will get. (It will also thicken a bit more as it cools). Leave to cool.
  • To unmould the panna cotta, carefully run a sharp knife around the edge, and then dip the ramekin into hot water for around 10-15 seconds, making sure no water gets in to the ramekin. Turn the ramekin upside down on to a plate and give it a gentle shake. The panna cotta should slide out. If it doesn’t, just dip it into hot water again for another 10 seconds. When you dip it into the hot water it will cause the outer edge to melt slightly, which will make it slide out.
  • Use a spoon to drizzle some of the orange sauce around the panna cotta, and some over the top too. Enjoy!

I served mine with crystallised/candied orange peel, which I made using THIS RECIPE.

The beauty about this dessert is you can make it in advance. I tend to make panna cotta the day before I actually want it. Don’t unmould it until you will serve it though. Enjoy!

2016-07-13 13.12.49


May Degustabox Review… Foodie Heaven!

2016-06-20 12.00.39

As you know by now, I am a huge fan of Degustabox and the May box was probably my favourite one yet. Just in case you aren’t aware of them, they are a food subscription box service which sends a wonderful variety of surprise foodie products each month for the amazing price of £12.99, which INCLUDES delivery via DPD!! The products are worth around double that price, so it is a fantastic bargain and gives you the chance to try food and drink items you might not otherwise buy, or ones that are new on the market. It is a lovely experience to receive a box and you have no idea what is inside, apart from guaranteed yumminess. I have to wait until my son comes home from school before I can open mine, as he loves us both taking it in turns to reach into the box and pull out a surprise item. Luckily for me, DPD tends to deliver to my address close to school run time so I don’t have to wait too long.

“Enough waffling, get on with what was in the May box” I hear you cry. Happy to oblige. It was a truly mouthwatering box containing:

2016-06-20 12.02.08

  • JACK DANIELS TENNESSEE HONEY BARBECUE GLAZE – This was absolutely delicious. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and a silky smooth taste. It would be perfect for ribs or chicken wings, and included with the box was a recipe using it to make shredded brisket burgers which looked amazing. I used it with pulled/shredded chicken though and it was soooo good! It is also perfect to use as a dip. The RRP is £1.99


  • GAROFALO – Fusilli Bucati Corti. I love pasta, and for some reason my son says fusilli tastes better than any other variety, so we were pleased to see this pack. I loved the corkscrew shape of this pasta, which is shaped using a bronze die. It is made from high quality durum wheat, and I have to admit the taste and texture of this is far superior to other fusilli I have tried. I will definitely be looking out for this brand in shops from now on! I have used it with bolognese and in a tuna paste salad and both times it has been so delicious. The RRP is £1.99

2016-06-20 12.01.41

  • CRANES – This is a cider like no other! It is brewed from crushed cranberries rather than apples and has extra fruit juice added for even more flavour. It has a 4% alcohol volume and comes in 3 flavours. I received Original Cranberry, and Strawberry and Kiwi but you can also buy Raspberry and Pomegranate. It is 100% natural, low in added sugar, high in juice, and low in calories at only 99 calories per bottle! It is very fruity and very refreshing. A perfect drink for Summer. The RRP is £1.90 per bottle.

2016-06-20 12.01.09

  • KALLO – I was extremely lucky as there were 2 packs from this brand and they were both delicious. In fact, I think I might even be able to say these were my favourite products in this month’s box. The Belgian Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes were just amazing! They are suitable for vegetarians, coeliac friendly and low calorie, with only 78 calories per cake. We ate them straight out of the packet as guilt-free snacks but Degustabox also recommend trying them as a dessert with whipped cream and raspberries on, drizzled with honey. I know… my mouth is watering at the thought too!! The Yoghurt Topped Rice Cakes were equally delicious and only have 84 calories per cake. They are made from wholegrain brown rice and are scrummilicious! The chocolate ones have a RRP of £1.29 and the yoghurt are £1.69.


  • BRIOCHE PASQUIER – I love this brand already so was pleased to see a pack of Croissants in the box. These all butter croissants are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. There are 8 in the pack and they are wrapped in packs of 2 so the rest stay fresher for longer. I decided to use these in THIS RECIPE and after trying one of these French toast style croissants, my son insisted that we have these for pudding every night! Luckily he’s now changed that to a couple of times a week, as I was on the verge in taking out shares in Brioche Pasquier with the amount I’ve since been buying!! He has realised they are also yummy straight from the pack so loves them as a snack. They have a RRP of £1.80, but they were cheaper than that in Tesco when I’ve been buying them.


  • GET FRUITY – This is an award winning fruit and oat bar available in 6 flavours. I received Scrumptious Strawberry but you can also buy Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger, Moist Mixed Berry, Tangy Pineapple, Coconut and Lime, Radiant Raspberry, and Marvellous Mango bars. They use gluten-free oats and Virgin coconut oil which is good as it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. They are 100% natural and have no added refined sugars. I have to say the Strawberry one was gorgeous. Very fruity and satisfying. I ate it as a mid morning snack on the go and I felt full for ages after! I will look out for the others in this range. RRP is £1.


  • BELOVED – Date Nectar. This is a natural alternative to honey or sugar and is perfect for pouring over pancakes or waffles, sweetening hot drinks, or using in baking. It is gluten, wheat and dairy free and is made from 100% pure date nectar, making it also perfect for vegans. There isn’t a single other ingredient! It is a rich source of minerals and manganese which supports the body’s energy metabolism. I have used mine drizzled on porridge and it is so lovely. The RRP is £3.50.

2016-06-20 12.02.57

  • THE WONDERFUL COMPANY – I received a pack of Almonds and a pack of Pistachios. These nuts are sun-ripened in Californian orchards. Both of these packs were eaten as snacks and were really high quality nuts. You could also use them in cooking or baking, but they didn’t last long enough in my house for that. Oops! They have a RRP of 90p per pack.


  • POMEGREAT – I was a bit nervous about trying this pomegranate juice drink as sometimes they can be a bit sharp, but this was beautiful. This juice comes from Californian orchard pomegranates and the flavour is enhanced with aronia juice from concentrate. This makes the juice extra refreshing and sweet. We all really enjoyed this and drank it chilled from the fridge. The RRP is £1.49.


  • PECHKEKS MISFORTUNE COOKIES – These made us giggle! We’ve all heard of fortune cookies that promise us bright and rosy things. These are the opposite so brilliant for people with a sense of humour! These are the most pessimistic fortunes possible, which is reflected in the black colour of the cookies. Your mouth will turn black from eating them but thats all part of the gloomy fun. One of my misfortunes read “You were out when Lady Luck knocked on your door”. Well luckily I was in when DPD did with this box so who cares!? These would make funny table gifts and have a RRP of £1 each.


  • MRS CRIMBLE’S – I received a pack of Gluten Free Classic Madeleines. These were absolutely delicious. Moist and well risen, with plenty of flavour. We all really enjoyed these. I admit to dipping mine in chocolate spread on one occasion but the other times I ate them straight from the packet. I don’t need to eat a gluten-free diet but I would buy these again as they tasted so good. These are currently £2.10 in Tesco so great value.

As you can see this was a very tasty box! If you would like to try one for yourself, head to the Degustabox site HERE and if you enter the code BLDEG15 at the checkout you can have your first box for just £6.99 including delivery! What are you waiting for? Go! 🙂


DISCLAIMER: I received this box for free in return for an honest review, which I have given. All opinions expressed are my own and all information is true and unbiased. 

Croissant Cinnamon French Toast

2016-05-24 13.21.55

I absolutely adore French Toast, or eggy bread as some people prefer to call it. For this recipe though you have to call it French Toast as I used croissants instead of bread. It is super quick and easy and a cheap recipe to make, and your tasty treat will be on it’s way to your mouth just a few minutes after opening the croissant packet!

I received a pack of 8 croissants from Brioche Pasquier as part of the May Degustabox (review of that coming very soon).


I do love croissants but wanted to try something different with these. I wasn’t sure if they would work as French Toast but I can definitely now say they do! The addition of cinnamon sugar after they have cooked just takes them to another level and you can then top them however you want, or just eat them as they are. I topped one half with strawberries and the other I left with just the cinnamon sugar. Both were sooooooo good. They’d also be amazing with ice cream on top. And chocolate sauce drizzled over. And…… I’m getting carried away! Eat them as a tasty elevenses treat, or a delicious dessert. However you eat yours, I am sure you’ll love them.

The recipe is enough for 3 croissants, so just double it if you want to make more.


3 Croissants

1 egg

2 tbsp milk

1 tbsp vanilla extract

knob of butter

50g caster sugar

Half tsp ground cinnamon

  • Split the croissants in half horizontally.
  • Beat the egg, milk and vanilla extract together and then pour on to a large plate.
  • Arrange the croissant halves on the egg mixture with the cut side facing down. Leave for a couple of minutes to soak up some of the mixture. Carefully turn the croissant halves over so the top and bottom gets covered in the mixture too.
  • Gently melt the butter in a frying pan. Fry the croissants cut side facing down, gently pressing with a spatula or fish slice, until golden. Flip them over and fry for a minute or so more until this side is also golden.
  • Mix the caster sugar and cinnamon together in a small bowl then spread this cinnamon sugar on to a plate. Place a croissant half on to the sugar to coat one side, turn it over to coat the other side, then repeat with the other croissants.
  • Serve warm as they are, or add any toppings of your choice. I used sliced strawberries mixed with a spoon of strawberry syrup for one half.

This is a lovely sweet recipe and I found it to be very moreish so make sure you have plenty of croissants to go round!

Degustabox Review…. The April Box

I love receiving Degustabox each month. The excitement of a box packed full of mystery food and drink goodies is just crazy! I am very lucky that my DPD delivery driver doesn’t tend to arrive with it until around 2.30pm, as my son Luke loves to be the one who opens it first, and we take it in turns reaching our hands inside to bring out an item. If it arrived earlier I would find it REALLY hard to not give into temptation and sneak a peek inside!

The April box had something for everyone. Luke was very happy with the treats he had from it! I used 2 of the products in baking too so that was a bonus.

Here is what was in this month’s box:

2016-05-02 18.22.03

  • CANDEREL SUGARLY… This is a new granulated sweetener that looks and tastes just like normal sugar, but it has zero calories! If I’m honest I didn’t really believe that it would taste like sugar. Sorry Canderel! By my past experiences with other sweeteners, they taste nothing like sugar, so the first thing I did was take a bit on a spoon and try it. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised to find this one does taste exactly like sugar. You can use it in all the same ways as you would use regular sugar… on cereal, in drinks, in baking, the list goes on. I used mine to make this fruit cake. If you read my fruit cake post, you will read how I learnt the hard way that you only need to use half the amount of Canderel Sugarly compared to normal sugar. A little goes a long way with this! I would definitely buy this in the future. RRP is £3.00

2016-05-02 18.21.32

  • PIMM’S CIDER CUP… There are a few different flavours of this drink, and I received the Strawberry and Cucumber variety. My partner Del drank this but I did try a bit before he gulped the rest down. It was a very refreshing Summery drink with a nice light fruity taste. It actually tastes more like Pimm’s than cider, so perfect for long Summer nights (if they arrive!!!!!) RRP is £2.29

2016-05-02 18.17.43

  • LEVI ROOTS COAT’N’COOK SAUCE… This easy cooking sauce is available in 3 yummy Caribbean flavours. I received the Jerk variety but you can also have Ginger Beer or Smokey BBQ. It is ideal for people with limited time to prepare tasty meals, as literally all you do is pour it over meat, make sure it has covered it all evenly, and then cook! No waiting 2 hours while it marinates. This is an instant marinade. I tried it on chicken. It was too spicy for my son but my partner and I really enjoyed it. I will be looking out for the other 2 flavours as they sound delicious too! Perfect for BBQs. RRP is £1.00

2016-05-02 18.19.10

  • POPCHIPS… There are lots of varieties of Popchips to try already, but they have now added 2 limited edition flavours to their range. I received Sea Salt, Garlic and Rosemary, and the other limited edition flavour is Sea Salt, Caramelised Onion and Thyme. I have had Popchips before and absolutely love them. They are a gorgeous flavoursome crunchy snack with half the fat of normal crisps. I have to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of this flavour. I feel bad saying that but I believe in giving honest opinions, and we can’t all like everything, can we? I do think I’d have liked the other flavour though, so this won’t put me off them. And I already know I love their regular flavours. RRP is £1.99

2016-05-02 18.20.58

  • REJUVENATION WATER… This was completely new to me. It is a flavoured spring water enriched with amino acids, which has been shown to help to build up your immune system and to build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety. It is also a brilliant drink to have before and after going out for a few alcoholic drinks. It is available in 3 flavours… Ginger and Lime, Spanish Orange, and Apple and Mint. I received the Apple and Mint and really enjoyed it. It is probably one of the most refreshing flavoured water drinks I have ever tried. I will definitely be looking out for the other flavours. RRP is £1.99

2016-05-02 18.18.47

  • VEETEE… I received 2 trays of microwaveable precooked rice. One was Basmati Rice and the other was a Wholegrain Brown Rice and Quinoa blend. There are lots more flavours available, too many to list here. They are very quick and easy to prepare. Just 2 minutes in the microwave and they are ready. I ate the Wholegrain one with some fish and it was delicious. I used the Basmati one to make this coconut rice pudding. These are perfect for people with little time to cook, and a great way to cut down on washing up starchy pans! The Wholegrain Rice is £1.49 and the Basmati is £1.29

2016-05-02 18.19.43

  • NESTLE… Luke was very very happy as I received a sharing block of Smarties chocolate and 4 little bars of new Milkybar Milk and Crunchy. The Smarties one had little mini Smarties in the chocolate which was delicious. I was pleased to see Nestle have included the size of one serving on the pack, saying it is 3 pieces. Without that I think Luke would have ate the lot in one!!! The Milkybars were lovely and creamy with an added crunch. The individual bars are just the right size and perfect to take on trips out. I will be buying both of these again. The Smarties block is £1.29 and the Milkybars are £1.00

2016-05-02 18.23.57

  • BEBETO… These Mini Fruit Strings are wonderful! They have been awarded Product of the Year for their innovative use of fruit juice and for reducing processed sugars. They contain 85% fruit juice and are a source of vitamins A,C and E. They are also suitable for vegetarians. There are 7 packets in the bag, each with a day of the week printed on so children can have fun finding which pack they need each day. There are 4 flavours included… apple, raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry. We all thought they were delicious. The strawberry ones taste just like the strawberry laces sweets you can buy, but these are obviously a lot healthier. I will definitely be buying these in future. RRP is £1.99

2016-05-02 18.23.23

  • PARLE… I received 2 products from this brand, Parle Rusk and Parle-G biscuits. The Parle-G biscuits reminded me very much of malted milk biscuits, and I really enjoyed them. They are filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, and they taste scrummy! I had no idea what to expect with the Parle Rusk. The packet said they were toast flavoured with cardamom, so I was looking forward to trying them. They suggest dipping them into a hot drink to eat them. I tried them as they were, and then dipped in coffee. I’ll be honest, at first bite I wasn’t sure if I liked them, but the more I ate, the yummier they became. They are incredibly hard and crunchy to bite, so if you have any loose teeth I would definitely advise dunking them in a cuppa first to soften them! They are really good value too. The biscuits are just 25p and the rusks are 89p. Bargains!

2016-05-02 18.18.13

  • GREEN LADY… This is a sparkling green tea infused with carob fruit, nutmeg and rose oil. I loved this! It tasted like rice pudding with a slight aftertaste of rose. And we all know how much I love rose! What’s not to like!? It was extremely light and refreshing and I will definitely be looking for some of this for the Summer. The RRP is £1.99

So that was April’s Degustabox. There really was something for everyone in there. If you would like to try a Degustabox for yourself, the normal cost is £12.99 per month including DPD delivery, which is amazing value especially as each box is worth approximately double that price.

However if you enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout you will receive your first box for just £6.99!!!! To go to the Degustabox website just click HERE 🙂 I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s in the next box!


DISCLAIMER: I received Degustabox at no cost in exchange for an honest review. The fact it was free does not in any way affect my review. I believe in honesty at all times, so all views and opinions expressed are truthful and unbiased.


Degustabox Review…. Healthy New Year Everyone!!

2016-01-27 12.55.13

The thoughtful people at Degustabox decided that as we had all very likely over-indulged at Christmas, and had very likely started the New Year with resolutions to eat healthier, they would help us out by making December’s box a healthy one. The other very thoughtful thing they did was to send December’s box in January to make sure there were no delayed deliveries due to Christmas post demands. It’s little things like that that make them extra special in my opinion. It also means there are 2 boxes in January…. extra fabness!

December’s box had some very yummy surprises and lots of brands I had never heard of, a couple of which I will definitely be looking out for! It also introduced me to be a very scrumptious drink that will be enjoyed on many more occasions. So here’s what was in the box:

2016-01-27 12.52.33

  • NOTHING BUT… This was my partner Del’s favourite product in this box, and very high up on my list of favourites too! There are a lot of brands who produce freeze-dried fruit now, but this was different to any of the others I’ve tried. I received 2 packs… Pineapple and Grape, and Strawberry and Banana. The flavours were very strong which I loved! I’ve noticed with some freeze-dried fruit that the flavours aren’t always as pronounced as you would expect. Once I couldn’t even tell what fruit it was! But this brand is different. The taste is amazing, just like eating the fruit fresh from the fruit bowl. The texture is appealing, and did I mention the taste? Sadly for me, Del polished both packs of these off in one sitting, he loved them so much. I was just glad I had tried a piece of each fruit while I was taking the photo! They are perfect for lunchboxes or snacks, with less than 80 calories per pack, and absolutely nothing added to them. Pure fruit, just freeze-dried. As an added bonus one pack equals one of your 5 a day. They are great for vegans, vegetarians, and are gluten-free. They are available in 3 fruit packs and 3 vegetable ones. Choose from Pineapple and Grape, Strawberry and Banana, Apple and Fig, Mange Tout and Red Pepper, Sliced Beetroot and Parsnip, and Pea and Sweetcorn. The RRP is £1.69 per pack.

2016-01-27 12.58.55

  • BARILLA… I have received Barilla products in a previous Degustabox and loved them so was happy to see these. I received Wholewheat Fusilli and their Mediterranean Vegetables sauce. Fusilli is my son Luke’s favourite form of pasta. He swears it tastes better than any other, so I knew he would enjoy this! I was right. I served it with a homemade bolognese sauce and it made a delicious family meal. I had never tried the Mediterranean Vegetable sauce before but really enjoyed it! I used half of the jar as a pasta sauce and half for another recipe which stupidly I didn’t take a photo of! It was a sort of puff pastry pizza. Take a sheet of puff pastry, score around the edges about an inch inside, then smear the sauce all over the rectangle inside the score lines. Add your choice of vegetables chopped up and evenly distributed on top of the sauce, sprinkle some cheese on top, brush beaten egg over the exposed edges of pastry and bake until lovely and golden and the edges have risen well. Delicious! I just added peppers and red onion and the cheese and it was so good. Perfect for a quick lunch with some salad. The sauce contains tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and peppers and is very tasty. I will definitely buy this in the future! The RRP for the sauce is £2 and for the fusilli it is £1.50. Excellent value!

2016-01-27 12.53.38

  • HIP POPS… I received 2 packets of this healthy snack, Salt and Vinegar, and Salt and Black Pepper. I loved these!!! They are a soya and potato snack with around half the fat of normal potato crisps. They are high in fibre, low in saturates, and a good source of protein. You can also get them in Barbecue, Cheese and Onion, Sweet Chilli, and Prawn Cocktail flavours. They are very crunchy and very moreish! The RRP is £1 per pack. I will definitely be looking out for these again!

2016-01-27 12.56.33

  • BETAVIVO… I received 2 packets of these oaty heart cereals, but have to admit I had never heard of them before this. They are made from oat bran, cornmeal and fructose and are clinically proven to reduce cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. One daily serving of this product gives you the necessary 3g of beta-glucan from oats needed to reduce cholesterol and to reduce the amount of blood glucose your body produces. I wasn’t really sure how to eat these so tried one pack with milk for breakfast. I found them very bland like this if I’m honest. The next day I ate them with yoghurt, blueberries and raspberries and really enjoyed them. They are very crunchy which I liked. The RRP is £1 per pack and is available from Holland and Barrett.

2016-01-27 12.58.07

  • THE FABULOUS BAKERS… I received a box of 4 individually wrapped Mango and Pineapple Bars. These are delicious tropical bars made with all natural ingredients. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and are high in fibre. They contain real fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya) mixed with oats and coconut. What’s not to like?? There is wheat flour in them too so no good for people on gluten-free diets, but they are good for vegetarians. I ate these for mid-morning snacks and found them to be very filling and energy-providing. Perfect if you are on the go and need something quick to grab. The RRP is £1.80 per pack of 4.

2016-01-27 12.59.52

  • KOKO… This is a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk made from freshly pressed coconut milk. It is 100% allergen-free and has 0% cholesterol, making it perfect for vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs, and anyone with lactose, soya or gluten intolerance. Strangely I couldn’t really taste much difference at all between this milk and cow’s milk, so used it in the same way as I use all milk… on cereal, in cups of tea and coffee and in baking. I really enjoyed it and will buy it in the future. The RRP is £1.79, although I have seen it recently a lot cheaper in Tesco.

2016-01-27 13.00.18

  • NUVA… Many people, me included, drink much less water than we should, so I was happy to see 2 bottles of water in the box. The main reason I don’t drink as much as I should is that I find water just so… boring. I love flavoured water but was recently surprised to discover that many of them contain quite a bit of sugar/sweetener and aren’t quite as healthy as you would expect. Nuva is the first natural spring water which uses natural flavours and extracts with no sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. I received Ginger and Lemon, and Cucumber and Mint varieties, but you can also get Melon and Jasmine. I really enjoyed the ones I tried, especially the ginger one, and I know I would love the melon one! It was good to know it had no sugar, no calories, and nothing at all artificial. Nuva won the Global Bottled Water Award for Best Flavoured Water in 2015, and was a winner in my eyes too. I will be buying these in the future. The RRP is £1.49 per bottle.

2016-01-27 12.57.20

  • COMPETE… I received a pack of 2 lemon flavour energy bites. I was sent some of these in a previous box but that time they had been the mocha variety, which I had enjoyed. These energy bites are low-calorie but high-caffeine chocolates which give you an instant boost of energy. One gives you a moderate boost, or you can have 2 for a real energy surge. They help to improve your alertness, endurance and energy, and are recommended to take 5 minutes before exercise, studying, driving or partying. One chocolate bite has the same amount of caffeine as 1 large premium coffee. I don’t like having to be negative but I believe in being honest in reviews, so sorry Compete but I didn’t find this flavour at all pleasant. The mocha had been great and tasted good. This lemon one left a nasty aftertaste which I was keen to get rid of. I’m sure some people would have enjoyed them. I’ll stick to the mocha ones when I need a boost though. The RRP is £1.99 for a pack of 2 bites.

2016-01-27 13.00.52

  • CRABBIE’S… I received their Alcoholic Light Ginger Beer. I love Crabbie’s Ginger Beers so already knew I would love this. It isn’t as strong tasting and fiery as their normal ginger beer, which makes it a perfect mixer drink and I found it lovely and refreshing. However Degustabox also sent a miniature bottle of RED SQUARE TOFFEE VODKA, with a recipe for Crabbie’s Toffee Mule cocktail. I love toffee vodka but had never tried it in a cocktail, and it would have been rude not to use their suggestion, wouldn’t it? So I dutifully filled a tall glass with ice, poured a measure of Red Square Toffee over the ice then topped up with the Crabbie’s Light Ginger Beer. Just for research purposes of course. All I can say is WOW! That was a very refreshing tasty drink and I will enjoy this cocktail again! The RRP for the Crabbie’s Light is £1.49, and the Red Square Toffee RRP is £1.99 for a miniature bottle.

2016-01-27 12.55.50

  • DRINK ME CHAI… Degustabox very kindly included a free gift in this box, a chai latte skinny blend sample sachet. It is gently spiced with clove for a delicious drink, and the fact it is a skinny blend means you can enjoy it guilt-free. All you do is add water so it is quick and easy to make but so yummy. It has 62 calories per cup and 30% less fat and sugar than the normal blend. It does say on the back though that if you want it extra creamy you can make it with half water and half hot frothy milk, which would obviously push the fat content up a bit. There are a range of Drink Me Chai drinks and this is the newest one. The others are Spiced Chai Latte, Chocolate Chai Latte, Green Tea Chai Latte, Mango Chai Latte, Peppermint Chai Latte, and Vanilla Chai Latte. The RRP is £2.50 for a tub.

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box of food and drink products as you know by now. It costs just £12.99 a month including delivery with DPD couriers. The value of the products in the box is always almost double the cost of the subscription, sometimes even more!

If you would like to try a box for yourself, I am pleased to tell you that if you click HERE and enter the code BLDEG15 at checkout you will get a whopping £6 off your first box! That would mean you can try a box worth around £23 for the bargain price of £6.99!!! Well worth trying. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


DISCLAIMER: Degustabox sent me the box to review honestly, and all views and opinions stated are my own. I believe in honesty in all reviews and will never give an opinion if I don’t fully believe it.